When you're setting up the expense module for the first time, here are the things you need to take note of.

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Step 1: Add Expense Types

To start using expenses, we first need to set up the expense types for the company.

Step 2: Assign Expense Types

After you have created the different expense types for the company, you can start assigning various employees the type of expenses claim they are entitled to.

Step 3: Ensure Certain Expense Settings Are Set Up Correctly.

  • Tax

Some expenses may be subjected to tax such as VAT or GST.

Admins can set any of these Taxes via Expense > Expense Settings > Tax

Click Add New Tax to create a new tax item

or Click the Red Trash icon to delete any of the tax items

  • Exchange Rate

Exchange rates need to be set up correctly for expense claims in foreign currency to work.

Unless the Allow employees to modify Exchange Rate while applying expense option is checked for that particular expense type, an error warning will prompt when the employee tries to claim a particular foreign currency.

  • Approvers

If approvals are required for an expense type, ensure that the approvers of that particular expense claim are set up properly.

By default, all approvers are set to the 'manager'.

Ensure that your company org chart is set up correctly.

Check this article for more information on setting up or managing approvers.

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