Admins can assign any expense type to any employee within the company. They can also modify the type of claims each employee is entitled to if any.

There are 2 ways to assign expense types:

  • Assign expense type to a group of employees


  • many expense types to a specific employee

Assign expense type to any Employee

The search field can be used to look for an expense type from the list using certain keywords.

  • Bulk Assign To Employees to immediately open the pop-up window to start assigning expense types to people.


  • Find the expense type in the table My Company's Expense Type, select the 'options' to open the context menu and click 'assign to employees'.

    The bulk assigned window allows you to

  • Expense Type: a list of all available expense types which you can assign to employees

  • Search: Search for the particular employee

  • Assign?: Checking/unchecking to assign the expense type to employees of your choosing

Assign expense type to any Employee

From Expense Click Team Expense Balance > My Team Records/ All Records > Choose the employee of your choice > click 'Manage'.

This opens up the Bulk Edit Expense Types for you to assign multiple types of expenses to any employee.

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