There will be many processes in your company that require approval, e.g. applying for leave, making expense claims, submitting timesheets.

You can set up all the relevant approval chains under the Approval settings, which can then be used in each module, or even for standalone ad-hoc approval requests.

Setting up approval templates

Go to Company > Approval on the left side navigation menu.

Go to Approval Settings and click on the "Create" button to create a new approval template.

Give the template a name so that it's easy to find, and a description if necessary.

Then, set up the approval chain with as many steps as necessary.

  1. Action Type: Choose between "To approve" and "To be notified". Employees that are only notified will not need to take any action.

  2. Approver Type: Choose between Manager, Department Head, Work Location Head, and a Selected Employee

Then, configure the following settings.

  1. Auto Forward - if an approver does not take any action, the system will automatically forward the approval request to the next approver in line after a set number of days

  2. Chat Notifications - enable notifications in YuvoChat

  3. Email Notifications - enable notifications through email

  4. Can Delete Cancelled Request - the person who made the approval request can delete it if they cancelled it

  5. Can Delete Rejected Request - the person who made the approval request can delete it if an approver rejects it

  6. Applies To - select certain employees that this approval template should apply to, so that other employees will not have the option of selecting this template

Once the approval templates are set up, they can be used across Yuvo, as well as within the Approval system for ad-hoc approvals.

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