When approvals are required for expense claims or pre-approvals,

the admin can set up who approves the claims when a request is submitted.

Yuvo offers granular control over who approves the expense types.

Admins need to ensure that the org chart is set up correctly.

By default, the approver is set to manager.

For example, if employee A submits a claim request for transport, whoever he reports to will be able to approve/reject the claim request.

There are multiple ways to modify or change approvers for an expense type.

1. Set up through Expense type settings

Go to Expense > Expense settings > Expense Types

Under My Company Expense Types, click the expense type to edit.

This brings up the Expense type overview window.

Click edit to enter the Update Expense Type window to modify the approver.

Under Select Approver, hit the dropdown list to anyone to approve this expense type

2. Set up through the Approver page under Expense Settings

Go to Expense > Expense settings > Expense Types > Approver

This offers an overview of the expense types assigned on the employee level.

Under Approve, Select the approver from the dropdown list.

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