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How to Set Up Approvals for Leave
How to Set Up Approvals for Leave

Guide on how to set up approvals for leave

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Before setting up approvals for leave, make sure that leave types have been set up and assigned to employees.

Follow this guide for setting up leave types.
Follow this guide to assign leave types to employees.

Please also ensure that the company org chart is set up with the relevant reporting managers.

Step 1: Create Approval Template(s)

Follow this guide to create the relevant approval template(s) for Leave.

Step 2: Configure Leave Approval Settings

You have the option of:

  • Setting a Default Approval Template for each Leave Type, and/or

  • Editing the Approval Template(s) for employees individually

  • Setting a custom Approval Template for a specific employee

Setting Default Approval Templates

Go to Leave > Leave Settings > Leave Types

Scroll down to the My Company Leave Types section and choose a leave type to edit. Click on the 3 dots button on the far right and click on Edit.

Under the Leave Type settings, you can select the Default Approval Template.

Editing Approval Templates Individually

Go to Leave > Leave Settings > Approval Templates.

You will see an overview of the various leave types assigned to employees.

Method 1: Edit one by one

Choose the relevant approval template for each employee from the dropdown menu for each leave type.

Method 2: Bulk edit

You can also quickly set approval templates for employees through the bulk edit option.

Click the 'Bulk Edit' Button to access the various ways you can assign approvals for multiple employees at once.

You can assign approvals for all employees, for particular employees, for specific leave types, by departments and by work locations.

Click 'Save' once you are done.

Setting a Custom Template

If there are employees with very unique approval templates, you can create a custom template for each specific employee that will only apply to them.

This will ensure that you do not clog up your general Approval Templates with these highly customised templates.

Go to Team Leave > Team Leave Balance > select the relevant employee

Under the Approval Template column, either click on the dropdown and then click "Edit approval template" if there is an existing template, or click on "Set approval template".

This will bring up a pop-up screen. Click on "Create new approval template".

This will bring up the usual settings for approval templates. You can refer to this guide to learn how to configure approval templates. The name and description of the template will be pre-filled, but you can change them if you would like.

Once you have filled out the settings and clicked Save, the custom template will be set. It will then be available to select under the existing approval template settings.

This custom template will only show up on this employee's leave profile page. To make changes to any custom templates that you've created, click on the "Manage custom approval templates" button on the top right.

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