For employees to use the leave module, the admin needs to assign the relevant leave types they are entitled to.

Outlined below are the steps to do so.

Ensure that your company's leave types have been set up correctly.

Go to Leave Settings > Leave Types

Click any of the leave types under the table.

This brings up the Leave Type Popup window.

Click 'Assign to Employees'.

  1. Click inside the first radio button to assign the selected leave type to all of the employees. If you want to assign it to specific employees, click on the radio button next to their name.

  2. The employee list is shown to the user to choose from. The search box above the list can be used to search for a specific employee.

  3. Entitlement can be edited or modified by clicking inside the box against each employee if needed.

  4. CC notifications can be sent to specific employee(s) if needed, so when an employee applies for that specific leave type and when it gets approved/rejected, the notifications are sent accordingly.

  5. Choose another leave type from the dropdown to start assigning employees.

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