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How to Set Up Your Company in Yuvo
How to Set Up Your Company in Yuvo

Guide on how to set up your company in Yuvo

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When you sign up for Yuvo with a new company, you will have access to some demo data in your account.

You can use it to test the functionality of the app, and remove it once you're ready to add your own data.

To do this, simply click on the button at the top of the screen that says "Remove Demo Data and start company setup".

Click on "Yes, let's go!" to confirm the deletion of the demo data.

Company Setup

You will then be taken through a series of steps to set up your company and individual profile.

Step 1: Company Profile

Fill in basic info relating to your company. Don't worry about filling everything up now, you can always make edits later.

Learn how to configure the various company settings here.

Once done, click "Save & Next".

Step 2: Invite Employees

If you'd like to invite employees to Yuvo, you can create their accounts here by providing their Full Name and Email or Mobile Number (which will be used to log in).

You can also use our bulk import functionality.

To skip this step for now, select "I will invite employees later from my dashboard".

Once done, click "Proceed".

Step 3: Review Subscription

By default, you will have a 30-day free trial. If you wish to update your card details for seamless billing once the trial period ends, you can do so here.

Once done, click "Proceed".

Step 4: My profile

Fill in your own personal details here. Again, you don't need to fill everything up now, as the information can easily be edited later.

Click on the "Edit" button at the bottom of each section to make edits.

Once done, click "Save & Next".

Step 5: Go back to dashboard

Now that all the set up steps have been completed, be sure to install the cashback plugin on Google Chrome and download the Yuvo app on mobile for easy access.

Once done, click on "Go to dashboard".

Add Employees

Follow this guide to add employees to Yuvo.

Do note that this will not automatically invite employees to Yuvo—they will need to be invited manually in order to get access. So, rest assured that you will not have any employees accessing Yuvo while you are still setting things up.

Configure Admins

By default, the person who signed up the company will be a Super Admin, which means that they can control everything.

To assign other people admin rights, follow this guide.

Modules Setup

To configure the settings for individual modules, follow the guides below:

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