When you're setting up the Leave module for the first time, here are the things you need to take note of:

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Step 1: Add Leave Type

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Step 2: Add Leave Period

Leave Period is usually defined as the start of the calendar year till the end. (Some companies may differ)

Leave Types e.g. Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, etc. are assigned to a defined Leave Period, and employees' leave entitlements are refreshed at the start of every new cycle of a Leave Period.

To define a new Leave Period, click the Add new Leave Period button.

  • Select the start date and end date of the Leave Period, as well as the Leave Types that apply to the Leave Period. Click the button Create to finish setting up the Leave Period.

  • Once the leave period is added, it needs to be activated as follows:

  • Click on the more actions option> choose 'Activate'.

  • Click on "Yes, activate!".

Step 3: Check Key Information

For Leave to work properly, the following information is required. Please ensure that all details have been filled out correctly.

Under Company > Company Profile:

Under My Employees > Career Progression

Do also have on hand the company's leave period, types of leave, and existing leave balance of all employees to be added into Yuvo's Leave Module.

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