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How to Set Up Leave Periods
How to Set Up Leave Periods

Guide on how to set up the leave periods that your company uses

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Leave Period is usually defined as the start of the calendar year till the end. (Some companies may differ)

Leave Types e.g. Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, etc. are assigned to a defined Leave Period, and employees' leave entitlements are refreshed at the start of every new cycle of a Leave Period.

Go to Leave > Leave Settings > Leave Periods > click the Add new Leave Period button.

Select the start date and end date of the Leave Period, as well as the Leave Types that should be available within the Leave Period. Click the Save button to finish setting up the Leave Period.

Once the leave period is set up, it needs to be activated in order for employees to be able to apply for leave:

Click on the 3 dots menu on the far right > click on 'Activate'.

It will prompt you to confirm that you wish to activate the leave period, which means that employees will be able to apply for leave. Click on 'Activate'.

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