The Expense module allows fuss-free management of all your company's expenses.

From Managing Expense claims, pre-approvals. Resolving expenses has never been easier with Yuvo's Expense module.

The following options are available under the expense module:

  • My Expense

  • Team Expense

  • Expense Settings

My Expense

An Overview of your expenses within the company or organization.

This allows you to submit a claim and track its status.

The My Expense tab consists of the following options:

  • My Expense Claims

    All your claims made can be viewed here.

  • My Pre Approvals

    Pre-approvals are expenses you intend to claim from the company or organization in the future.

  • My Expense Balance

    An overview of your expense balance.

Team Expense (For admins only)

Gives an overview of the entire team's expense claims and their status.

The team expense tab has the following options:

  • Team Expense Claims

    An Overview falls the organization or your team's expense claims and its status.

  • Team Pre Approvals

    An Overview of all the organization or your team's expense items they intend to claim and it's status.

  • Team Expense Balance

    Overview of all the team's expense balance.

Expense Settings (For admins only)

The expense settings tab has the following options:

  • Expense Types

    Create and manage the different expense types for the organization. e.g. medical, transport, accommodation claims, etc.

  • Approver

    Assigns who to approve employee's requests for expenses claims and who to notify.

  • Reminder Settings

    Manage or disable reminders to the Approver, Approver's Manager, Admin

  • Exchange rates

    Set the exchange rate daily or monthly.

  • Tax

    Create Tax items for certain expense types.

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