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How to Migrate Past Payroll Data
How to Migrate Past Payroll Data

Guide on how to migrate payroll data from another payroll provider

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If you have payroll data from another payroll provider, you can migrate it to Yuvo in order to ensure that all payroll data is accurate for CPF ceiling calculations and IRAS submissions.

There are two methods to do this:

How to key in the total-to-date values

If you just wish to ensure that the figures are accurate and don't need to keep a copy of past payrolls and payslips in Yuvo, you can key in the total-to-date values.

  • The CPF total-to-date values will be taken into account when calculating CPF ceilings.

  • When you generate IR8A forms in Yuvo, the IR8A total-to-date values will be taken into account.

To key in the total-to-date values, first enable this function under Payroll > Settings > Other Settings

By default it will be “Disabled”, so select "Enable for year [relevant year]" to enable it.

Once the function is enabled, you will be able to:

  1. Use the bulk import template to update the values for multiple employees, OR

  2. Key in the values for each employee one by one

Method 1: Using the bulk import template

Go to My Employees > Add User > Bulk Import

You'll come to this screen, where you should select "Template with existing employees data" to download an excel spreadsheet with all of the existing data.

In the excel spreadsheet, fill in the relevant columns:

  • Ytd ordinary wage

  • Ytd additional wage

  • Ytd salary

  • Ytd bonus

  • Ytd director fees

  • Ytd transport allowance

  • Ytd entertainment allowance

  • Ytd other allowance

  • Ytd gross commission amount

  • Ytd gross commission from

  • Ytd gross commission to

  • Ytd gross commission indicator

  • Ytd employee cpf

  • Ytd donation

  • Ytd mbmf

Upload the edited template, and double check any edits made, then click Save & Complete. When you go back to My Employees, the changes should be reflected.

Method 2: Keying in values one by one

Go to My Employees > select the relevant employee > go to the Employment tab

Scroll down to the section with the heading "Total-to-date values for OW/AW and other IR8A fields for Year 2022" and click on the "Edit" button.

Key in the relevant values and click "Save".

How to replicate each payroll in Yuvo

If you wish to keep a copy of previous payroll information and payslips in Yuvo, you can replicate each past payroll in Yuvo.

First, ensure that you have set up your Yuvo payroll with all of the necessary information and settings. You can refer to this checklist.

Once that is done, you can use the payroll Bulk Upload template to quickly transfer your past payroll data. You can refer to this article on how to use Bulk Upload in payroll.

Repeat the process for each payroll that you wish to replicate. All of this data will then be automatically synced when generating IRAS submissions.

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