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How to Use Payroll Bulk Upload
How to Use Payroll Bulk Upload

Guide on how to use the bulk upload functionality in payroll

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You can use the Bulk Upload functionality in payroll to quickly populate or edit employees' payroll information in each payroll.

First, you'll need to download the Bulk Upload template.

Go to Payroll > Team Payroll > select or create a payroll > go to Adjust Payroll > click on the Bulk Upload button.

This will bring up a pop-up screen like the one below.

If you wish to populate payroll data from scratch, click on "Blank Template". If you wish to edit existing payroll data, click on "Template with existing payroll data".

Fill in the fields in the spreadsheet as required.

  • Employee: The name of the employee

  • Designation: The designation of the employee

  • Payment method: Choose from cash, cheque or bank

  • Bank: Choose from the list of banks

  • Account no: The employee's bank account number

  • Account holder name: The name of the bank account holder

  • Currency: The currency in which the employee will be paid

Upload the edited template and the payroll will automatically start to update.

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