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How to Add/Edit Custom Fields
How to Add/Edit Custom Fields

Guide on how to set up Additional Info in the Employee Profile

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You have the option of creating custom fields to keep track of information in the Employee Profile that is currently not captured in any of the other profile sections.

You will need to have admin permissions to manage "My Employees" to make changes to custom fields.

Note: Any custom fields created will be created for ALL employees.

Go to My Employees > click on an employee profile > click on "Additional Info" > click on the "Manage Custom Fields" button.

Here, you can add/edit new fields for any additional information that you would like to capture.

Click on "Add New Section".

It is good to keep related information in one section so that it is organised and easy to find what you need. For example, a section called COVID Vaccination Details for fields like Second Vaccination Date, Booster Date and Vaccination Status.

Adding a new section

Give the section a title and description (optional). You can also choose whether you would like to enable an employee to edit the fields in the section or not. Toggling "Can Employee Edit" green means Yes, and grey means No.

Adding new fields

Once a section has been added, you can add fields within it.

Click on the "Add New Field" button.

Give the field a Title, select whether or not it is mandatory, and select the Type of field (e.g. text box, number, date, dropdown, multi select).

You can also provide a placeholder and help text. A placeholder will pre-fill the field itself, while help text will be displayed as a description under the field Title.

Editing a section

At any point in time, you can click on the pencil icon to edit a section, or the delete icon to delete it.

Please note that deleting a section will delete all of the fields within it as well.

Editing a field

You can also click on the pencil icon to edit a field, or the delete icon to delete it.

Bulk Import/Reports

Once these additional fields have been created, they will also be available in the Bulk Import Template and Reports.

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