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Introduction to Workflows
Introduction to Workflows

An introduction to the Workflows module

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Yuvo's workflows module allows you to:

1. Create workflow templates
2. Run the workflow as many times as you want
3. Track progress of tasks and collaborate within your company

Before you get started, here are some key terms for understanding how the workflows module works:

  • Workflow Template

    • A template for completing a series of tasks

    • Any person in the company can set up a workflow template

  • Tasks

    • The step or steps to be done in order to achieve the goal

    • These can be assigned to anyone within the company or even a new hire

  • Workflow

    • Each time a workflow template is used, it is called a workflow

    • You can use the same workflow template multiple times - i.e. have multiple workflows

The workflows module is organised in tabs:

  • Workflow Templates

    • View selected workflow templates and workflows

    • Add, Create or Edit new workflow templates

    • Run or schedule workflows

  • Workflows

    • See all workflows involving yourself and the team.

    • Edit the workflow tasks here*

    • Track workflow progress**

  • My Tasks

    • Tracks all tasks from various workflows assigned to you
      *Only admins can edit tasks in workflows.
      **Workflow visibility must be enabled for assignees to see all tasks in a particular workflow

Now that you understand what a workflow is, you can learn how to create a workflow.

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