1. Navigate on the left menu bar to click on "Payroll", then switch the tab by clicking on "Team Payroll".

  2. Choose any Payroll item that has been paid (payment date is stated), then click on its 'eye' icon to "View Payroll".

  3. Once the page finished loading, you will see either these words :
    a) "Sync to Xero" on a button. This means that currently, this payroll item is not synchronized to Xero. Click on the button to proceed, skip 3b and 3c and move on to step 4. OR

    b) "Synced with Xero on dd Mmm, YYYY hh:mm AM/PM". This means that this payroll item has already been pushed to Xero before. You may skip the rest of the steps. OR

    c) if you do not see either the words in (a) or (b), please ensure Yuvo has already been integrated with Xero in "YuvoDirect Marketplace". See "Integrate Yuvo with Xero", then come back to step 3 again.

  4. Continuing from 3a, a confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on "Yes, proceed!" to push this payroll data to Xero.

  5. You will receive a pop up notification to inform on whether the synchonization succeeded or failed. If you receive a 'success' message, congratulations, you have successfully synchronized Team Payroll data to Xero. You will see the words "Synced with Xero on dd Mmm, YYYY hh:mm AM/PM".

  6. If you receive an error message instead, please contact Yuvo Help & Support.

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