To create and allocate the compensatory leave type for your employees, follow the steps below:

As a Manager:

  • Navigate to Leave module from the left menu.
  • Under the Leave Settings tab > Leave Types, click on New leave type.
  • Enter the name of the leave type and check the "Is Compensatory Leave" checkbox. Enter the other mandatory details and click the button Create.
  • Fill in the Default Entitlement, which in most cases for compensatory leave, is set as 0.
  • Add the leave type to the relevant Leave Periods.
  • To edit leave balance for each of your employees individually, navigate to the tab Team Leave > Leave Balance> All Records (for admins) / My Team Records (for managers). Click on the button Edit leave balance.
  • Edit the values for the respective employees accordingly.

  • To edit leave balance for all of your employees as a group, click on the button Bulk edit leave balance for all employees.
  • Click on Assign Leave Type > select Compensation Leave under Leave Type, and allocate to all of the employees or specific ones by clicking on the button Allocate.

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