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Yuvo integration with QuickBooks
Yuvo integration with QuickBooks

Guide on integration with Yuvo and QuickBooks (Configuration and Exporting of Pay Slips)

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QuickBooks can be easily integrated with Yuvo through the following steps:

  1. Connecting to QuickBooks

  2. Pay Type Configuration (Bills)

  3. Exporting Pay Slips to Xero (Bill)

Step 1: Connecting to QuickBooks

Before we get started with configuring the integrations, we have to first connect Yuvo to QuickBooks

  1. Go to Company > Integrations > QuickBooks

  2. Click on "Connect to QuickBooks" and log into your QuickBooks account

  3. A pop up window should appear stating that the integration is successful​

Step 2: Pay Type Configuration (Bills)

You will need to configure the QuickBooks Expense Accounts for all the mapping items that you want to sync to QuickBooks

*Things to note:

You should notice that there are 3 new mapping items at the bottom of this page that might not be available in other HRMS. They are Net Salary, Gross Salary, and CPF Payable.

  • Net Salary: How much your employee brings home after all additions / deductions have been made

  • Gross Salary: How much your employee get before any deductions and allowances are made

  • CPF Payable: Addition of all the CPF payables such as Employer CPF, Employee CPF, Foreign Worker Levy, etc.

Step 3: Exporting Pay Slips to QuickBooks (Bill)

Once the integration with QuickBooks has been configured, you can now proceed to export your Pay Slips to Xero (Bills).

  1. After a Pay Slip has been released, you will need to sync that pay slip to Xero by clicking on "Click here to sync now".

  2. After you synced with QuickBooks, scroll down to the pay slips and click on "View in QuickBooks".

  3. You will now be redirected to QuickBooks's Bill Page. Make sure that all the payable amounts are correct.

  4. Every bill is based on each individual employee. If you have more than 1 employee, you can click on the top left button, "View More", to manage all the bills.

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