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How to Create Custom Reports
How to Create Custom Reports

Guide on how to create custom reports

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There are already some pre-made reports available in Yuvo across the various modules. But what if you want to see specific information?

With Yuvo's Reports module, you can create custom reports to view any kind of custom data that you want from:

  • Employee Info

  • Payroll

  • Leave

  • Expense

Start by going to Reports > Custom Reports > click on the "Create new report template" button.

This will bring up a pop-up where you can create a new report template.

  • Name: Provide a name for your report template

  • Description (optional): Provide a description for your report template

  • Type: Choose a report type from the dropdown

    • Employee Report - provides data from employee profiles

    • Payroll Summary Report - provides a summary of data from a specific payroll

    • Payroll Yearly Report - provides payroll data across one year, at the company or individual level

    • Payroll Variance Report - provides a summary of the variance between two months of payroll, at the company or individual level

    • Leave Balance Report - provides data about employee leave balances

    • Expense Records Report - provides data about expense records

  • Choose fields: Select the fields that you'd like to see in the report

  • Share it with (optional): If you wish for other employees to have access to the same report, key in their name(s) here.

Once you have created the template, click on the View Reports button.

This will take you to a page that shows all of the reports you've generated with that template. It will be blank at first, so click on the "Generate new report" button to generate a report.

Here, you can further customise the report requirements, and then click on the "Generate" button to generate it.

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