Go to Timesheet > My Timesheet.

By default, you will land on the current week/month. To toggle to another week/month, use the arrows at the top left hand corner.

Fill in the timesheet accordingly, with the:

  • Start time and end time OR duration (hours)

  • Break time *this is mandatory

  • Remarks (if any)

Depending on your company's settings, overtime may be calculated automatically. If you are not eligible for overtime, it will not show up in your timesheet.

You can use the "+" button next to the date to add an additional timesheet for that date.

Once you are ready to submit your timesheet(s), either tick the checkbox on the top left, or tick the checkboxes for the individual dates that you wish to submit. Then, click on the Submit button.

Once submitted, the Status will be updated to "Approval pending".

How to edit a submission

Go to My Timesheet > "Submissions" tab and click on the relevant submission.

Scroll down to the timesheet section and make the necessary edits. As long as the submission has not been approved yet, you can make as many edits as you need. Changes will be saved automatically.

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