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Getting Started with HR Templates
Getting Started with HR Templates

Guide on how to use HR Templates

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HR Templates are useful for generating documents that are standardised and tend to be used repeatedly, e.g. offer letter, reference letter, letter of termination etc.

You can create the template once, and then generate documents with personalised information each time you need to send a document out.

There are two ways to create a HR Template:

  1. Choose from one of the existing templates

  2. Create a HR Template from scratch

Using an existing HR Template

Go to HR Templates > click on the "Templates" tab.

Here, under the Template Gallery, you'll see a few pre-made templates. You can also click on "More Templates" to see a full selection.

Click on "View" to view any of the templates.

Once you've viewed a template, if you want to use it, click on the "Use" button on the top right.

Then, you'll be able to edit the template as needed.

Creating a HR Template from scratch

Under the Template Gallery, click on the "Add" button for "New blank Template".

You will be prompted to give the template a name, and put it under an existing category or create a new category. Once you've done that, click on "Create".

Editing a HR Template

A template can be edited just like a word document. The only difference is the ability to insert tokens for dynamic variables.

You'll see the option to select tokens on the left hand side of the screen. The tokens available will depend on the recipients that you've added for the template. If there are no recipients, only the company tokens will be available.

Drag and drop a token from the left hand side of the screen into the document to use it. They will show up in curly brackets and be highlighted in yellow.

This means that the relevant data will be inserted from the data that you have in the Yuvo system. E.g. "Company Registered Address" will be taken from your Company Profile.

Configuring recipients

You can use HR Templates to send out documents for signing and approval, or even just to send out as they are.

At the top of the template page, you'll see a section called "Recipients' Role & their Action Type". Click on the "Add Recipient" button.

Then, you'll be able to add as many recipients as necessary. Key in the recipient's role, and choose the action type (sign, receive a copy, approve).

Click on the "+" button if you wish to add another recipient, and use the arrows to order the recipients in the right order.

Once you're done adding recipients, be sure to click on "Save".

Generating and sending out documents

Once you have some templates ready, you can generate and send out documents using those templates.

Click on the pencil icon next to the template that you want to use.

Then, click on "Generate document".

You'll be taken to a page where you can select the specific recipients for the document. They can be from your internal employee directory or an external guest. For external guests, you'll need to fill in their name and email.

Once you're done, click on "Update".

Next, you'll be able to fill the token values (if necessary, e.g. the information is not in the Yuvo system). Just double click on a token to edit the value. Once done, click on "Save & Preview".

Then, you'll be able to preview what the actual document looks like with all of the token values filled in. If you're happy with the document, click on "Next". If not, you can click on "Back" to edit the document.

Finally, you'll be able to add optional notes to all recipients, and/or private notes to individual recipients. Then, click on "Confirm & Send".

Checking the status of documents

Once documents have been sent out, you can check the status of their progress.

Click on the "document" button to view all documents that have been sent using that template.

Here, you can check the "Status" indicator to see whether the documents have been signed/sent/approved.

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