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Configuring Foreign Worker Levy (FWL)
Configuring Foreign Worker Levy (FWL)

Guide on how to configure the foreign worker levy amount

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First, ensure that the employee's work permit details are recorded in the system.

Go to My Employees > select the relevant employee > Career Progression

You should be able to see the work pass details.

If not, you can click on the pencil icon to edit the career progression record.

If the Nationality/Citizenship is anything other than Singapore, you will see the option to select "Work pass type". Select the relevant type and sub type, then click on "Save".

Then, go to the employee's individual profile to update their foreign worker levy (FWL) amount.

Go to My Employees > select the relevant employee > Employment > scroll down to Payroll > click on "Edit"

Here, you can choose the FWL Tier to have the amount automatically calculated, or manually enter the FWL amount. There is also an option to choose whether or not the employee falls under the "higher skilled" category.

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