Go to Expense > Team Pre approvals > My Team records/All records

Click 'New Pre Approval' Button

This brings up the Add Pre Approval window

  • Name: Name of pre-approval is mandatory

  • Select Employee: The employee requesting pre-approval

  • Description: A short description of what this pre approval request is for

  • Start Date: The start date required for offsetting expense type limit

  • End Date: The end date required for offsetting expense type limit, after which the expense type limit will go back to the previous settings.

  • Set Limit: Set the expense type required for offsetting its current limits

  • Expense type 1:

    • Select Expense type

    • Amount: new amount to limit

    • Type: per request/per day/month/per calendar year

  • Add New Expense Type

  • Red Bin Icon: delete an expense type

  • '+' Icon: to add more options within the same expense type

  • Save/Cancel: Save or cancel the configuration for the pre approval

Click 'Save'.

The Pre approval will now appear under My Team Records/ All Records.

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