My own expense balance

To view your own expense balance

Expense > My Expense > My Expense Balance

Manage visible data by using the filters:

Expense balance as of: By default, this shows the current date. Click to access the calendar to view expense balance from previous or future dates.

Limit Type: If the expense claim amount is limited by day/week/month/calendar year

Standard expense: Expense types assigned to you as per the company's policy.

Pre approvals: reflected with the pre approval name under Expense Type header in the table, showing the expense type limit difference for that given request.

See Guide to pre approvals to understand what pre approvals are.

Team expense balance

To see your own employees expense balance

Expense > Team Expense > Team Expense Balance > My Team Records/ All records

You can filter the information by

Search: Search the employees name/email/designation

Expense Balance As of: by default set to the current date.

Limit Type: Expense type limits by day/week/month/calendar year

Admins who are given permissions for managing expenses may also:

Manage: Assigning expense types to employees by clicking the 'manage' button.

Edit: Edit the particular pre approval submitted by the employee.

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