As a Manager or an Admin, you can choose what happens to the unused leave balance of your employees. If your unused leave balance has been set to carry forward then jump to: Carry Forward Leaves

To do that, navigate to Leave> Leave Settings> Leave Types.

  • Choose the leave type from the pre-populated list and click on Edit.

  • Carry forward: Can be brought to the next leave period accordingly with the settings.

  • In case of the above scenario, all (100%) of the unused leave can be used by the employee within 6 months in the following year.

  • In case of the above scenario, the employee can avail only 8 (days) of the unused leaves and that too within 2 months in the following year as per the settings.

Carry Forward Leaves

  1. The first step is to deactivate the Leave Period so that employees will not be able to apply for leaves anymore.

2. The second step is to add a new Leave Period.

3. Select the leave types you want to be included in the new Leave Period.

4. On the new Leave Period, click the Carry Forward option.

5. You can undo the Carry Forward if it was done by a mistake or you can view the updated Leave Balance.

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