Admins can add a manager, or update the reporting manager of an employee in 2 ways:

  1. Drag and drop from Org Chart directly

  2. Assign reporting manager through Employee Profile

Option 1: Drag and drop from Org Chart directly

Using the Org Chart, admins can add or update reporting managers of employees directly by using the drag and drop functionality.

Click on the pencil icon on the top left and drag the employee's profile to the desired reporting manager's profile

Once successfully updated in the Org Chart, the updated reporting manager for the employee should be reflected in the respective employee's employment page as well. (My Employees > select employee > Employment)

Option 2: Add/Edit reporting manager in employee profile page

Alternatively, you can update an employee's reporting manager through their profile page, which will then be reflected in the Org Chart.

This can be done via the following steps:

  • Go to My Employees on the left menu. Select the employee for whom you wish to assign/update a manager.

  • Under the Employment tab, click on the button Edit.

  • Select the respective manager to assign the employee to under the drop down box in Manager.

  • The reporting manager will now be reflected in both the employee's profile page, as well as in the Org Chart.

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