Workflows can be created to set a series of tasks that a Manager / Employee / group of Employees has to perform.

The workflow can be set as a one-off process, or can be repeated (recurring) for an Event Date. Employees can be assigned selected tasks to complete the Workflow.

This article is a guide on personalizing buttons within a workflow. (To learn how to create a workflow, see: How to create a workflow)

  • From the left menu, select Workflows. In the Workflows module, click on Add a new Workflow choose from our list of templates to create a new workflow.

  • Under Task List, click on Add a New Task to add a task to the Workflow.

  • This opens up a window which allows you to add a Task Title. Click on the Button icon to customize a button.

  • Under Text, key in the name of the button.

To select the function linked to the button, under Type, select the relevant option:

  • Personal Profile — allows task assignee to fill in details for his/her Personal Profile page

  • Employment Profile — allows task assignee to fill in and/or update employment details of an employee

  • Documents — allows task assignee to submit documents as required by company for onboarding eg. NRIC, resume, signed employment offer letter, work permit etc

  • People I need to know about — for admins to select certain members of the company for task assignees (usually New Joinees) to be introduced to during the pre-onboarding process

  • Career Progression — allows task assignee to edit/update an employees's career progression details eg. Salary increment, Employee confirmation

  • Org Chart — allows task assignee to view the organization chart of a company to understand the reporting structure

  • Resource Center — allows task assignee to access common shared files stored in the company's Resource Center

  • My Drive — allows task assignee to upload documents into his/her YuvoDrive and to share it with certain members of the company (if needed)

  • My Goals — allows task assignee to view KPIs set for him/her

  • My Leave — allows task assignee to view records of Leave taken, and/or to check status of Leave applied

  • My Payslips — allows task assignee to view Payslips sent to him/her

  • External Link — allows admin of Workflow to customise button and select the URL for which the button will link to (*URL can be an internal Yuvo link, or an external link)

See also: How to add documents to workflow task

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