1. Navigate on the left menu bar to click on "Company" to open an inner menu, then click on "Integrations".

  2. Click on QuickBooks logo.

  3. Once the page has finished loading, one of these two options will be shown :
    a) "Install" on a button. This means that currently, QuickBooks is not integrated Yuvo. Click on the button, skip step 4b and move on to step 5; OR

    b) "Installed" on a button and another button called "Settings". This means that QuickBooks currently is already integrated with Yuvo. You may skip steps 5, 6 and 7. To edit the settings, click on the button "Settings" and move to step 8.

  4. When directed to QuickBooks's login page, enter your QuickBooks Account's Email Address and Password to sign in to proceed.

  5. The next page provides the option to choose the organisation you wish to allow access. The drop down list reflects the names of organisations that have had their accounts created and linked to this QuickBooks account. Choose a company, then click on the button "Allow Access" to proceed.

  6. The page will now be redirected back to Yuvo. If the integration was successful, the "Install" button would have changed to "Installed" and another button "Settings" would have appeared. Click on "Settings" to proceed.

  7. A pop-up will appear showing the following :
    a) "Auto Sync Payroll" checkbox :
    - Selecting this will automatically transfer confirmed payroll data to QuickBooks, whenever you click on the button "Mark as Paid & Release Payslips" in the Payroll module.

    ⦁ Check the checkbox if you wish to automate this process.
    ⦁ Otherwise, leave this checkbox unchecked, so that you may manually decide when to push the data to QuickBooks, whenever you click on the "Sync to QuickBooks" button under each payroll item.

    "Left column" :
    - Lists the "Bank Account" field name, and all the "Pay Types" that you have created under the Payroll module.
    (Note : Create "Pay Types" in Yuvo if you haven't done so)

    "Right column" :
    - Lists the Bank name(s), plus all the "Chart of Accounts" that you have created under your QuickBooks account.
    Also refer to:
    > QuickBooks's user guide for Bank Account linking and Chart of Accounts setup
    > QuickBooks's Help Articles

    ⦁ For every Yuvo's pay type on the left column, map it in the right column by selecting the appropriate QuickBooks's Chart of Accounts. Every setting selection is updated immediately, with a pop up notification.

  8. Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Yuvo with QuickBooks. To push payroll data from Yuvo to QuickBooks, please see "Sync Team Payroll Data to QuickBooks".

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