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Community Chest Contribution (SHARE programme)
Community Chest Contribution (SHARE programme)

Details about the Community Chest SHARE programme

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Adding employee Community Chest contributions to payroll

If an employee chooses to donate to Community Chest, you can configure the amount to automatically be computed in each payroll.

Go to My Employees > Employment > Salary Contribution > Click on Edit

Tick the checkbox for "Opt in to Community Chest contributions" and input the desired amount.

The employee's payslip will then be automatically populated with this amount in each payroll.

About Community Chest

Community Chest was established in 1983 to raise funds for the many social service agencies in Singapore.

The public funds raised through Community Chest are channelled to programmes that provide direct social support services and are relevant and critical to helping the disadvantaged. Periodic reviews of services are done to check for viability, effectiveness and relevance of programmes.

Funding criteria are guided by the need to fill service gaps, support innovative services and sustain existing services that are critical and strategic.

Employees can contribute donations to Community Chest via the SHARE programme.

SHARE is a monthly giving programme of Community Chest, the fund-raising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service.

On behalf of Community Chest, the CPF Board collects employee’s donations to SHARE made through the company payroll.

Donations by employees are voluntary and deducted from their wages.

100% of the donations are channelled directly to support critical social service programmes and goes towards:

  • Building strong and resilient families

  • Caring for vulnerable seniors

  • Empowering children with special needs and youth-at-risk

  • Integrating adults with disabilities into society

  • Supporting persons with mental health issues

Learn more about Community Chest here:

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