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Configuring Overtime Pay
Configuring Overtime Pay

Guide on how to configure overtime for employees

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When an employee has overtime enabled, the amount will be auto-calculated based on the salary information in the employee's profile. You also have the option to customize the amount in the payslip.

There are two ways to set up overtime rates:

  • Assign overtime rates to a particular employee

  • If you have multiple employees to assign overtime rates for, you can use the "Bulk Import" function

Assigning overtime rates to a particular employee

Go to My Employees > select the employee profile > Employment > scroll to the Payroll section > click on the Edit button.

Select the option for either "Daily Overtime" or "Weekly Overtime" accordingly. Key in the rates of the Overtime Pay as either a Multiplier of Basic Hourly Rate or an Actual Rate.

You can also set the overtime rates for the different types of days:

Assigning overtime rates to multiple employees

Go to My Employees > "Add employee" dropdown > "Bulk Import".

If you already have existing data in the system, you should click on "Template with existing employees data" to download and see all the current information and make the necessary changes.

If not, you can download a blank template and fill in the necessary details.

In the template, these are the fields to edit:

  • "Has overtime" - set it to "TRUE"

  • "Normal overtime rate of pay" - change it if necessary

  • "Off overtime rate of pay" - change it if necessary

  • "Rest overtime rate of pay" - change it if necessary

  • "Holiday overtime rate of pay" - change it if necessary

  • "Basic hourly rate of pay fixed amount" - add the fixed amount if you wish to use a fixed amount

Once you have edited the template, drag and drop the file into the dotted area, or click on the area to upload it.

If there are errors, there will be an error message with hints on which fields are causing the error.

If there are no errors, double check that the information you're changing is correct, and then click on the Save & Complete button.

Adding overtime to an employee's payslip

When adding overtime to the payroll, you will need to add the relevant pay type based on the type of day.

Click on the "Add new pay type" dropdown menu.

Scroll to the relevant overtime pay type.

Key in the relevant number of hours. You can also customise the hourly rate if necessary by clicking on the 3 dots and clicking on "Customise amount".

For more information about overtime, you can refer to the following links:



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