As an Admin, you have the option to add new employees to your organization. You have the option to include the joining date and/or confirmation date for your employees.

When you go to an employee individual profile under the tab "Career Progression", and if you do see a career progression record called "First Record", this record is auto generated when employees are added or invited, without including joining date and/or confirmation date.

This "First Record" can be edited later on by clicking the edit button on the right, provided there is no other progression records created thereafter.

Note : However in case there are already more than one career progression record, eg. records added after "First Record", the latest records have to be deleted first. Therefore it is best to ensure all the progression record details are correct for any effective date entered, before adding new progression records.

Also, each new progression record cannot be earlier or same date as the latest progression recorded. It is best to update all fields required in one effective date to capture all details for that effective date.

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