To create a new payroll, go to Payroll from the left hand menu. Under the Team Payroll tab, click on the button Create New Payroll.

Give the Payroll a name, e.g. "Feb 2021" and select the relevant dates.

Add the employee(s) you wish to run payroll for.

Editing employee payroll information

You will need to edit each employee's payslip individually.

  1. Select the desired payment method (Cash/Cheque/Bank)

  2. If there are any pay types that you need to add, click on "Add new pay type" and select from the dropdown menu (You can customise the Pay Types that your company uses. Read this guide on how to add or modify Pay Types.)

  3. Check that all figures are correct

Editing the entire payslip

You can use the More actions button beside the Payslip button to edit the entire payslip in two ways:

  1. To completely reset an employee's payslip to the default based on their profile information and any previous payroll, click on "Reset"

  2. To recalculate all the auto-calculated pay types e.g. CPF, click on "Recalculate"

  3. To remove the employee's payslip entirely, click on "Remove"

Editing individual pay items

You can edit each pay item by clicking on the 3 dots on the far right of each item.

You can:

  1. Customise the name of the pay item in the payslip (this only applies to the payslip that you are editing)

  2. Customise the amount

  3. Reset the entry to the default based on the employee's profile information and any previous payroll

  4. Remove the item

Previewing payslips

Once you have completed an employee's payslip, you can use the Payslip button on the far right to preview the employee's payslip before it is released to them.

Releasing payslips

Once the payslips of all the relevant employees have been completed, click on the Release Payslips button at the top right of the page to send a notification to employees that their payslip is available for them to view.

Select the date for releasing the payslips to employees and click on the green button to complete the process.

Employees will be notified of the new payslip in the Yuvo-San chat.

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