Admins who are managing payroll for the company are able to set up different Pay Items to generate salaries for the employees. To change the settings for any of the Pay Items, you will be accessing the Payroll module from the left hand menu.

  • Click on Pay Types.

  • Select an existing Pay Type, or create a new one. (Note: System pay types cannot be edited or deleted).

  • To edit a specific Pay Type, click on the corresponding edit button.

  • Under Type, select the type from the dropdown:

Addition — this pay item will be an amount to be paid to employee

Deduction — this pay item will be deducted from the amount paid to employee

  • Select the Wage Type and click on Save.

  • Choose if this pay item will be CPF Payable, or will be included in the Gross Rate of Pay calculations.

  • Click Save button when you have filled up the information and selected the settings from the options available for this pay item.

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