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Update Employee Designation and Pay Details
Update Employee Designation and Pay Details

Guide on how to update an employee's designation and pay details

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When an employee joins the company, you can set the employee's original designation and salary details.

You can also edit/update the employee's career progression for reasons such as confirmation, promotion, salary adjustment, work pass update or off-boarding.

These changes can be scheduled in advance and come into effect on the effective date per the progression record.

Note: Each new progression record cannot be earlier or on the same date as the latest progression record. It is best to update all fields required in one effective date to capture all details for that effective date.

Updating an employee's career progression

Go to My Employees > find the relevant employee > Career Progression

It is recommended to create a new progression record each time changes are made, so that the previous records will be there for reference.

Click on the "Add new progression" button. Select the relevant Progression Type and fill in the details as necessary.

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