Public holidays differ from country to country, and even within states in a country. This feature is useful especially for remote teams working in different countries whose national holidays differ within the team.

Create Public Holidays group

To create a new Public Holiday Group for your employees, select Company > Company Profile from the left menu.

  • Under Public Holidays, click on the "+" button to create a new group.

  • This opens a pop-up, giving users the option to select the Country from the list and to create a name for the Public Holidays group.

  • To clone an existing holiday group (eg. useful for creating public holidays for the corresponding year for the same country), click the Clone button.

  • Once the new Public Holiday group is created, click on the Add new Holiday button at the bottom, to enter in the names of the holidays and the dates for which they fall on.

  • You may delete the previously created holiday entries by clicking on the delete button.

  • This feature may also be used to create company-specific holidays.

Assign Public Holidays to employees

To assign Public Holidays to ALL employees, eg. setting the default for everyone, go to Company > Company Profile in the left menu.

  • Under the section Company Settings, click edit

  • Select the Public Holiday Group under Default Public Holiday Group Settings field to apply to ALL employees

To assign Public Holidays to an employee, go to My Employees in the left menu.

Note : Public Holidays assigned to specific employees will override the "Default Public Holiday Group Settings" in the Company Profile

  • Under the respective employee's page, go to the tab Employment > Working Hours and Public Holidays > Edit.

  • Select the Public Holiday group you wish to assign to the employee and click Save.

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