The 360 Review is a feature that enables an employee's colleagues and managers to both provide feedback about his/her performance.

If your company has enabled the 360 Review feature, all employees in a company can review fellow employees within their department, as well as outside of. They can also review managers, with the exception of certain Attributes set as "only for managers", that can only be reviewed by managers.

To rate another employee of the company, go to Performance Manager > Team Attributes and either search for the employee's name, or scroll down the list of Employee names.

Select the Attribute that you would like to review an employee for. In the example below, Bonnie's Attributes are: Sales Comparison and Sales Target.

Select the desired rating and add into the comments to justify it.

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Employees can review all employees in the company on all Attributes (except those set as "only for managers). Employees cannot view others' reviews of another employees, but can only see those they have made for that employee.

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