=> Start with accessing the HR Templates from the left menu.
=> Click on a template and select Edit.

=> Click on Add Recipient.

=> Enter the role and select the action type for the role. 

a. Enter employee as the role and select an action type.

b. Or, enter Manager as a role and select the action type.

=> Click on the dropdown towards the right hand side to modify the manager/employee tokens, if needed.

=> Click on Save.
=> Click on Modify Recipients.

=> Using the up-down arrows, change the order of action type for the defined roles, if needed.

=> Click on Generate Document.

=> Add a private note to the role(s), if required and click on create.

=> Fill in the rest of the details to compete the remaining steps to generate the document.

=> Click on Save & Preview.

=> Proceed till the last step and click on Submit Document.

Note: The employee/manager who is supposed to sign the document will be receiving the same via email.

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