To set up a specific leave type available only for the selected employees:

Login as an Admin:

Go to Leave > Leave Types > create New Leave Type.

Click here to find out how to create Leave Types and set the Leave Period.

After creating the new leave type and assigning it to a Leave Period (eg. 1 Jan 2021 - 31 Dec 2021).

Choose specific employee(s) in your organization to get the entitlement for the new leave type.

  • Click on the specific employee and add the new leave type to enable the same.

  • Under Team Leave, new leave types that have been added to an existing Leave Period will, by default, not be assigned to anyone (indicated by a '-').

  • Manually click on the names to select the employees you wish to assign this special leave to (eg. for employees who have completed 2 years of work in the organization). 

In case you want to assign a new leave type to all of your employees, here's what you can do:

  • Create a new leave type (custom or from the gallery).

  • Navigate to Team Leave> Leave Balance> Bulk edit leave balance for all employees.

  • Select all of the employees and the new leave type will be available to all of the employees.

A Leave Type can also be added in between the Leave Period in two ways,

(i) By creating a new leave type

(ii) Changing Entitlement to an existing leave type to an Employee.

By creating a new leave type

While creating a new leave type, the system will show all the leave periods to which it needs to be added. If it has to be added in between an existing period, then the admin can add the entitlement accordingly on prorata basis.

By changing Entitlement to an existing leave type to an Employee.

Click on Team Leave tab> Leave Balance> My Team Records> choose a specific employee and choose the leave type to change the entitlement.

Edit the entitlement and click Save to save the changes.

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