Yuvo bills on the same date of the month, to the Super Admin account of a company when you start your subscription. This means if you joined Yuvo on the 8th day of a month, your billing date will be on the 8th of the next month.

*Prices for the plans are as stated according to our pricing page.
*Local taxes and bank charges where applicable, will be charged on top of basic subscription fees.

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Yuvo may invoice a company for any applicable or outstanding fees, and company shall make payment within thirty days of receipt via money transfer, check, debit or credit card. All fees are non-refundable. Company agrees to reimburse Yuvo for any sales, use, and similar taxes arising from the provision of the Services that any federal, state, or local governments may impose. Yuvo may charge additional fees for exceptions in processing, setup, and other special services (including optional add-on services).

Yuvo reserves the right to change the fees for its services from time to time. Companies will be notified of any change to existing fees at least thirty days before the fee change goes into effect. If a fee increase or change is not acceptable to the company, company may cancel the services at any time before the fee increase or change takes effect. A company’s continued use of the services beyond the cancellation window constitutes the company’s agreement to those changes. Yuvo has the right to suspend services for accounts who have not made payment within 30 days from last billed date.

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