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Who is Yuvo-san
Who is Yuvo-san

Introduction to Yuvo-san

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Yuvo-san is a trustworthy, knowledgeable tech wizard who works his magic on our Yuvo integrated platform: the go-to guy for queries, workflow notifications, reminders to make sure all things are on track.

With his wisdom and insight, Yuvo-san takes delight in providing help catered to your specific needs, and linking you up with the right resources and people to make your work day more productive.

You might sometimes spot him around as you navigate the platform — if not, you can always look for him at the bottom-right corner of the web app — Yuvo-san is everywhere, and always ready to be of service.

On a serious note, Yuvo-san is our AI engine chatbot which is constantly being trained to address all your queries. If Yuvo-san does not have an answer for you as of now, feel free to speak with our customer support team by clicking on the icon on the bottom right of the page, or sending us an email at

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