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To receive Cashback against your online transactions, you need to

First, go to the merchandise website through the Yuvo website.

You will be shown the % of cashback that you will receive after completion of your transaction. 

When you click on Proceed, the system will take you to the website that you wanted to visit. You should not leave that page until the end of the transaction so that the system will be able to capture the Transaction details and track your cashback.

The employee will receive email confirmation at the end of each successful transaction and the transaction will appear in Transactions in My Wallet with status as pending.

As per our common policy, your Cashback will require 1-120 days to be validated by our merchant partners and once they have confirmed that no cancellation, return or exchange has been made, the cashback will be reflected in your account. Claim processing time will differ from merchant to merchant. 

Once validated, your Yuvo Cashback tracker will automatically update your transaction status and the monies become available for your Wallet for utilization!

In case of any missing transaction, you can send the inquiry to quoting the following details:

Transaction Number

Transaction Date

Transaction Amount

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