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Access Yuvo’s cashback stores
Access Yuvo’s cashback stores

Guide on how to access Yuvo's cashback stores

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For Web App

There are three ways to access Yuvo's cashback stores:

  • Click on Cashback Stores on the top right panel of the Yuvo homepage

  • Click on Cashback Stores on the left hand side navigation

  • Click on the widgets on the Dashboard

There are many cashback brand partners that fall under these different groups:

Health & Beauty
Learning & Development
Home & Living
Technology & Electronics
Food & Drinks
Financial Services

The amount of cashback percentage is displayed at the bottom of each brand.

Steps to Access the brand through Yuvo:

Click on the Brand and click on “Proceed to Store Web”.

The system will then redirect you from Yuvo to the brand's website. You can shop as you would normally, and the cashback will automatically be registered once you've made your purchase.

Yuvo Google Chrome cashback plugin

It is beneficial to install Yuvo's cashback plugin on Google Chrome, so that each time you land on a website that has a cashback deal with Yuvo, a notification will pop up and you will be able to easily activate it without having to go through Yuvo itself.

Just click on the button in the pop up to activate the cashback.

While doing a Google search, any available cashback deals will be displayed alongside the search results as well.

For Mobile App

Yuvo's Cashback Stores can easily be accessed on the mobile app as well.

Go to Benefits > under "My Rewards", go to Cashback - View Stores

Use the navigation bar to scroll and see the stores that are available.

When you tap on a brand, you'll automatically get redirected from Yuvo to the brand's website.

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