My Insurance option is available in Left Menu.

Through this screen, the employee can manage his/her personal insurance policy in the system. 

There are three Tab pages in this option

Buy Insurance

My Policies

My Claims

Buy Insurance The employee can compare policies and opt to purchase a better deal as per his/her requirement.

My Policies

The employee will view all the policy details shared by Admin or personal policies Uploaded by employee through this option.

The Policies shared by the Company Admin will only be visible in display mode. Employee can take no action other than view and download the policy details.

The system would then keep track of the expiry date of the personal policies and intimate the employee through the Dashboard widget.

The employee can directly drag the document with the policy details into the space provided, or click and upload from the system. Once uploaded, the other details like the Policy Name, Insurance Provider, Expiry Date and Annual Premium.

My Claims The employee can view all the claims and their status made by him/her related to the corporate insurance. This is only a view screen. The Admin uploads the claims made by the employee.

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