For Web App

You can view your personal details by accessing My Profile on the left menu.

On this page, you can access the following tabs:

  • Personal

  • Employment

  • Documents

  • Career Progression

  • Audit Logs

For the purposes of this guide, we will be focussing on the tabs Personal, Employment and Documents.


The employee can change any data in this screen by clicking on the Edit button. Changes will be time-stamped and reflected in the Audit Logs tab.


Under this tab, employees can view their employment details. Only admins are able to make changes in this tab.


Under this tab, the employee can upload the required documents as set by the company. Folders with missing documents or pending approval will be indicated with a '!' symbol.

Once uploaded, the Approval Status will be shown as 'Pending'. Employees can choose to download, delete or upload another document.

Should the Admin Reject the submission, a message will be shown on the profile page as Rejected, with a reason. You can then delete and re-upload another document.

Approved documents can be downloaded, but not deleted.

Whenever an Admin approves or rejects the documents, a message will be sent via the YuvoChat system to the employee, mentioning the approval or rejection and the reason given (if any), respectively.

For Mobile App

You can also upload personal data and any documents required by the company through the Yuvo app.

Personal Profile

To update your personal profile page, click on the Profile button on the bottom right corner of the screen > Personal Profile.

Update the necessary details and click on the Save button.


To upload documents specified by the company, click on the Profile button on the bottom right corner of the screen > Documents.

Click on the '+' button on the bottom right and snap a photo/select the file to be uploaded. Upon uploading, the documents will have to be approved/rejected upon verification by the Admin.

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