The option to View and Manage Leave Entitlement for employees are helpful if the admin wants to manually edit an individual's leave balance or do so in bulk.

1.Manage Individual Leave Entitlement

2.Bulk Editing Leaves

Manage Individual Leave Entitlement

To do so, go to Team Leave page in Leave, via the left menu.

  • Select the profile of the employee for whom the leave needs to be added. This will bring you to the overview of the employee's leave balance.

  • Click on the respective leave type to edit/adjust the value of the entitlement accordingly using the edit button.

*Note: This option is used to edit/adjust the entitlement values given to an employee. To find out how to apply leave on behalf of an employee, click here.

Bulk Editing Leave

You can also edit leave entitlements in bulk if the need arises.

This can be accessed here.

A pop up window with an overview of the selected employees's leave entitlements will appear.

The fields populated on the pop up window, will differ from how each leave type is configured previously. An example of bulk editing Annual Leave is given below.

  1. Select the type of leave to edit its leave balance.

  2. Checking and unchecking this box to assign/unassign the leave entitlement type to a particular employee

  3. Employees name

  4. Headers and fields generated for the different configurations set up for that particular leave type.

    As shown in the example above, this is an Annual leave set up with the option to bring forward left over balance to the next year without limits.

  5. Checking/Unchecking this selects/deselects all the employees listed below.

    You can also Filter Employee by Name or designation in the search box as well.

Similarly one can bulk edit the Leave approvers and who to be notified of approval/rejections/requests etc. on the "Bulk edit approvers & 'cc notifications to' " button.

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