There are occasions when you need to modify discrepancies in employee payslips.

By clicking on the Recall Payslips button, you can recall all the payslips and correct the data before rerunning the payroll again.

Note: When you recall payslips of a particular payroll, ALL payslips of that payroll will be recalled.

How to recall payslips

Go to Payroll > Team Payroll > click on the "eye" icon to view the payroll that you wish to recall.

When you are inside the payroll, click "Recall Payslips" to open the popup.

Confirm your decision to recall all the payslips on this payroll. You can choose whether or not to notify employees about the recall. If you tick the box, the relevant employees will receive a notification in the Yuvo-San chat.

You can now proceed to make all the changes you require by editing the payslips.

When you have completed your changes and wish to rerun the payroll, click on the "Release Payslips" button.

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