>> Go to Workflow through the Left Menu.

>> All the available workflows will be shown to the user here.

Click on a workflow to get a detailed view of the following:

>> Event For – Shows which employee the workflow is triggered for.

>> Event Date – Shows the Date of the event for the selected employee for which the workflow is activated.

>> Trigger Date – Shows the earliest date (of all the Tasks) when the Workflow will be triggered.

>> Status – The present status of the Workflow, whether it is Ongoing, Triggering in Future or Completed.

>> Action – By clicking on “View Task”, we can view the entire list of Tasks along with whom it is attached to, and its status. 

There is a backend script that runs every hour, which activates Workflow and Task.

You can view the existing tasks and also add new ones by clicking on the "My Tasks" tab under Workflows.

Clicking on "Team Tasks" tab will display the tasks assigned to your team.

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