To access document/ letter templates, select HR Templates in the left menu.

HR documents / letters may be created and provided to employees as official documents. 

Official HR templates may be selected from the list of standard templates in the system (with option to edit and customize). Alternatively, new templates created using the pre-defined tokens available in the system.

All documents that are created from the system are stored in the system under the Documents tab.

More Templates There are lists of other Templates that are available for use. Click on More Templates to view and use.

Creating from Template To select any of the existing templates, the Admin can first have a look at the template by clicking on the Preview button, then on the “Customize” button to copy a version and edit the document.

The Admin can create a Template from scratch by clicking on “New Blank Template” to create a new document and add pre-defined Tokens provided by the system.

To generate a document

Go to My Templates

Select the Template from which the document has to be generated and click on Edit.

Click on Generate Document.

After selecting the required values of Tokens, click on “Create”.

The document can then be Previewed and saved by clicking on "Save & Preview".

  • The document will now be in "Preview" status and to proceed further, click on Next.

  • A final step to review the document would be presented and to proceed further, click on Confirm & Send.

After a document is generated for a template, it will be displayed as a template in “My Templates” or available with all documents created in the “Documents” page.

The Admin can download or share documents created from the system via the "Documents" tab. The document then needs to be Previewed and saved.

Creating New Template

To create a new template (which is not available in the standard templates), click on the "Add" button under New Blank Template.

Important Fields

Template Name – Template Name is a required field.

Category – Select a category from the list or create a new one to save this template. Every HR Template is required to be sorted under a category.

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