To register a company on Yuvo, click on the button “GET FOR FREE” on the home page and fill in the following details:

Name of the Company,

Name of the Admin (who would set up Yuvo for the company)

Email Address of the Admin

This email address will be used to login into the system. All login and system related emails will be sent to this email address.

The number of employees in the company.

An email would be sent to the Admin’s email address defined in the register screen as below, through which the password can be set.

When you login for the first time, there is an option to initialize/define the view of the dashboard, so you can change the view per your preferences.

After selecting the dashboard, the system automatically populates dummy data for you to view on the Yuvo system, so you can understand it better.

Understanding Dashboard.

Left Menu – -Module options available on of the system.

  1. List of Company and its Subsidiaries: The Admin will be able to view the list of all the Subsidiaries or Parent companies of the Group here. The Admin can move between company and its subsidiary by selecting the Company from the list. These are provided that the Admin has the permissions to access Subsidiary or Parent companies.

  2. Cashback Stores: List of all the stores through Yuvo where cashback is available

  3. Wallet: Company and employee wallet can be viewed and managed here.

  4. Login employee Profile: Admin can manage Yuvo subscriptions, change passwords or Sign Out of the system.

  5. Dashboard widget management: Manage Dashboard widgets using these buttons.

  6. Widgets: The different widgets and the values would be visible in this area.

  7. Yuvo-san: This is a Chat system through which employee can chat with other employees or ask questions.

Once you are ready to sail through Yuvo with your data, you can click on “Let’s Go” in the yellow band at the bottom of the screen to start your on-boarding.

You will have to finish 4 steps to complete the on-boarding process as shown below:

  1. Company Profile – Define the basic details of the company.

  2. Invite Employees – Invite employees into the Yuvo system. This can be done as a bulk upload or as individual employees.

  3. Personal Profile – Update admin’s personal details in the system.

  4. My Documents – Upload all the HR documents that are defined in the second step (Onboarding documents) as per the company’s policy.

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