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Guide on how to set up your dashboard widgets

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There are various useful widgets available on the Yuvo dashboard that can be customised according to your preferences.

Note: Admins and employees will be able to access different sets of widgets, with admins having more visibility over the entire company.

When you first go to the dashboard, you'll be asked to choose the widgets that you'd like to see.

If you don't like your existing dashboard, you can always customise it again.

The widgets can be managed in two ways: Dashboard Layouts and Customise Widgets.

Clicking on Dashboard Layouts will bring up the pre-made templates for the dashboard based on groups of information that you might want to see.

If you click on "Custom View" here, or click on the "Customise Widgets" button on the dashboard, you can customise the exact widgets that show up on the dashboard.

To add a header to the dashboard, click on "Select Header" and click on "Add". This will allow you to group widgets under a heading for better organisation.

You can also add URLs/links to the dashboard for easy access to commonly used links by clicking on the "Add Bookmarks" button.

To move the position of widgets, hover over a widget, then click and drag it to your desired position.

To remove a widget from the dashboard, hover over a widget and click on the "cross" symbol.

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