Integrated Performance Manager

Setting the Organisation's Corporate mission and tracking performances has never been easier with Yuvo's Performance Manager module.

  • Company Mission & Vision Statement – The Company’s mission and vision can be defined as KPI here which would be applicable to all the employees of the organisation.

  • Department/Team Objectives – KPI’s pertaining to department can be defined here. All employees of the department will have this KPI available in their KPI list. Every employee has to be attached to any department.

  • Individual KPI – KPI for each employee can be defined here. The employee would be able to view it in their KPI list.

See Set Company's Mission & Vision statement, Department's objectives and Individual KPIs to learn how.

Create performance attributes for employees with ease by using the bulk create team attributes function.

Evaluate employee's KPI and give feedbacks whenever you want with 2 types of rating systems.

With the 360 Degree Evaluation feature enabled, employees can leave feedbacks and reviews to their peers and reporting managers.

Reports of teams or individuals can be downloaded in PDF or .CSV file when it is time for Performance Appraisal.


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